Wildfire Protectors Corps

all for one and one for all

We are volunteers providing fire abatement, animal evacuation and watershed protection before, during, and after wildfires to protect the wild and domestic life and land of these mountains and valleys.

ABOUT US: With the intention of 'neighbors helping neighbors', our first priority are our elderly, disabled and low-income residents as well as wildfire environments considered the most sensitive, vulnerable or impacted. We are Community-Committed Volunteers who provide our time, labor, skills, resources and networks throughout the year toward proactive fire abatement, soil stabilization and watershed protection before and after a wildfire.

During wildfires, we work in partnership with caregivers, Animal Control, CalFire and our various local government and non-profit agencies to evacuate and protect the wild and domestic life who live in these mountains and valleys. We hold the value of "no-harm" on all volunteering sites and in all we do.

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Join our Community of Volunteers to prevent wildfires

Our Mission

We work to prevent the unnecessary spread and destruction of wildfires in Santa Cruz, Monterey, and San Mateo Counties.

About Us

In conjunction with Cal Fire, local and volunteer fire teams and with the consent of property owners, we inspect, assess, and work to create Zone 1 defensible space as per Cal Fire protocol. We work within the law to provide our community peace of mind that comes with being prepared for California’s annual fire season.

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